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Newspapier session

I know that I hadn’t been updating my blog for a while now… but I’m busy busy busy… not only because the holidays are comming… but mainly becase of a big commision I’m working on… unfortunatedly I don’t think I could show you the results..
But still I’d like to show you some first shots from my latest session (but maybe not so latest – today I had another two quicky sessions)… for the rest You all including my models will have to wait… I really regret that day have only 24 hours which sometimes is not enough for me… 🙂

– Sylwia vel. Fragola [www]
– Ewa vel. Ewolda [www]
Hair: Dawid Mazerski [www]
Clothes sesigner: Monika Baczewska [www]
Makeup, photography: me :]

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