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Long weekend session with Marta

I hoped that I’ll go tomorrow for my new Mac buy’s to Warsaw but Al (my hubi…) was injured last Sunday. Instead I have to go to work tomorrow, first time with my car totally by myself and I’m a bit scared, so please keep your fingers crossed. If I will never ever write a post again you will know that something bad happend to me ;)… I also going to take part in 9th edition of PHOTO JAM [www] contest (as a makeup artist) in Warsaw this week… so my “makeup investment” will have to wait thil Saturday 🙂

This session took place in last Thursday… in Poland it was so called “long weekend” :]

Model was: Marta [www]
Photograph: Adam B. [www]
Makeup: me 🙂

I had also two sessions with Iga last weekend so I think with time (when she comes back of her holidays) I’ll show you the results.

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