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Happy New Year! :)

New year, new resolutions…

On most blogs which I have followed there are summaries of the last 2012 year. But I have nothing to sum up. My last year was a little bit weak in all creative fields (because of my ‘Little Princes’), but firstly I don’t regret it and secondly still I managed to start few things I wanted and never have time for it.

Either way the new year have started and it’s time to make new resolutions. This time I wanted them to be monthly 🙂 That’s why I promise to myself to:

1. make at least one illustration monthly
2. make at least one photo session monthly
3. move my buissness to serious level 🙂
4. in field of card making and scrapbooking – frankly speaking I have no idea how much time will left me for this area of my creatiity, but I would like to keep my last months level of work

Also I have promised to myself that I will make all my ideas come true… slowly… maybe even at a snail’s pace, but step by step constantly move forward… I even have created new notebook in which I write all my creative ideas.

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